This is a relatively long term review of “Dance Pants” as a piece of backpacking gear. Dance pants are an extremely cheap and quite effective alternative to popular ultralight wind pants. They cost under $20, which is a much better deal than the current high end ultralight offerings. They weigh in around 3oz on my scale, but this will vary with size. The pants seem to be popular with dancers for warming up before dancing, but they are simply thin ripstop nylon pants.

I am going to keep this review simple, just like this product. I have been using these pants for several months and hundreds of miles and they do their job perfectly. They do not have pockets, or really any features at all. They are held up with an elastic waist, and held down at the ankles by more elastic. They are very flexible in terms of stretch and layering. I have worn them with just underwear underneath and have been comfortable, but have also worn the pants with underwear, shorts and a base layer underneath in cold conditions and had no issues. It does not feel like you are wearing an additional waistband when you layer these pants because they are so light and the waistband is so stretchy. I forget that I am wearing these pants a lot of the time while hiking or sleeping, but they do their job of adding some warmth and reducing wind well.

You can purchase the pants on Amazon, and I would really recommend that you pickup a pair if you are in the market for wind pants.

I don’t think they look too goofy, even though the name would suggest they might. I find they fit a lot like the classic champion closed bottom sweat pants. Here is a picture that I reluctantly took of myself wearing them for this review.

Dance Pants in action

For sizing, I wear a medium. I am 5’11, and usually hover around 150lbs. I would recommend a medium if you are anywhere near my size, as they fit me pretty much perfectly. They stop before touching my shoes, which I like because it keeps them cleanish, but if you want them to sit lower, sizing up to a large could be an option.

Pro tip: go for the black color if it is available for less see though potential. This could come in handy if you are doing laundry in town and you want to throw these on commando style.