This post is going to be a list that family and friends can refer to while I am hiking to keep up to date on all things me.

Instagram is where I will post most often. I will try to post photos every day that service is available to me and if time permits I will write something in the post caption. If you do not already have an account, you can check in at that link to see if I have made new posts, or make an account and follow me (it is simple, there is a phone app too!).

Garmin InReach is where you can track my location. This site uses a device that I carry that updates my location via satellite. While the device is on it updates every 10 minutes. It can be a little complicated, but using the filters on the left side of the page you can filter data however you wish.

My phone will work while I am on the trip. Feel free to text me at my normal number. I won’t always have service on the trail, but when I do I should get your message and will get back to you when I can! You can also message me on Facebook, or shoot me an email at any of my addresses.

YouTube is where I will try to post some videos. No promises on these, but if time permits I will try to throw together some short videos and upload them when I have internet in town. Don’t expect any quality production value since I am filming them and editing them on a cell phone.

My gear list is online if you are interested. It should be mostly up to date, and might be useful to someone.